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Today 00:45Russian totem pole signifies friendship    ( KTVA )
A unique symbol of Russian-American friendship is taking shape near ... Carvers from the city of Yakutsk, in Siberia, are volunteering their skills.
07/09/2018 19:45After searches at Yakutsk airport siloviki detain its director general    ( )
Today notes that the airport director general should become a deputy candidate for the State Assembly of Yakutia (Il Tumen) from United Russia in the ...
06/29/2018 17:55Russian gov't to add ₽700mn for Far East subsidies    ( ch-aviation )
Russian gov't to add ₽700mn for Far East subsidies ... AirBridge Cargo (RU, Ulyanovsk Vostochny), and Yakutia Airlines (R3, Yakutsk) to file the ...
06/09/2018 01:45Russian blogger conquers social media with her huge eyebrows    ( )
Seven years ago, while riding on a bus in Yakutsk, Russia's Sakha Republic, Anzhelika drew the attention of another passenger who just couldn't take ...
05/27/2018 16:55US, Russia escalate cargo overflights spat    ( ch-aviation )
... Cargo (RU, Ulyanovsk Vostochny), and Yakutia Airlines (R3, Yakutsk) to file the ... The three Russian airlines have until May 30, 2018, to file their schedules. ... The overflights regime between Russia and the US is governed by an ...
04/29/2018 01:05Hot Docs: Kolyma    ( Windsor Square )
(TORONTO, ON) – Kolyma is often referred to as a gulag forced labour-constructed road in Siberia, running from Yakutsk to Magadan and crossing the ... labour predominate, yet militaristic training overlaid with sappy patriotism by the youth in the area make it clear Russia is still a land of manipulation.
04/17/2018 01:05Golden Bars Breaking Through Cargo Compartment Stops Plane From Leaving Moscow    ( Sputnik International )
According to Russian media citing Telegram account Mash, the plane failed to leave Moscow for Spain's Alicante because golden bars broke through ... March, an An-12 transport aircraft had dropped a batch of gold bars after an access door fell off the plane during takeoff in the Siberian city of Yakutsk.
03/22/2018 05:45Flotsam & Jetsam: One woman's trash….    ( )
Another spill: This time from an airplane�� a Nimbus Airlines AN-12 on a flight from Yakutsk to Krasnoyarsk, Russia. A cargo compartment door flew open on take-off, scattering 3.4 tons of gold on the runway. According to Russian news agency Tass, authorities were able to recover most of the gold bars ...
03/22/2018 05:45Door breaks open on Russian plane, dropping millions in gold, platinum over Siberian wilderness    ( SOFREP (press release) )
Although Russia's Siberia may be best known for its harsh temperatures and snowfall, for miles around the small village of Yakutsk last Thursday, there was something a bit more interesting falling from the sky: nearly $400 million worth of gold bars, platinum, and even diamonds. According to reports in ...
03/20/2018 05:50When it rained gold from sky!    ( Indialivetoday )
... Russia's Investigative Committee said in a statement to the media. News reports of gold from the sky spread like wildfire, prompting an outpouring on social media. One widely shared image showed a screenshot from a ride-sharing app: “Yakutsk airport,” read the request. “Need a Toyota Probox-style ...
03/20/2018 05:50It's Raining Gold: Russian Cargo Plane Drops Precious Metals Onto Runway    (
Siberian gold rush after plane drops prized cargo -
03/19/2018 13:45Gold bars fallen out of An-12 in Yakutsk picked up and returned to manufacturer    ( )
It was previously reported that during the take-off of AN-12 in Yakutia, the plane's left cargo hatch blew out. As a result, more than 9 tons of precious metals were scattered within a radius of several hundred meters. The plane safely landed at the Magan airport. The Investigative Committee of the Russian ...
03/18/2018 21:55Siberians rush to find gold and diamonds that fell out of a plane.    ( Brinkwire (press release) )
An amazing gold rush is underway in the coldest region of Siberia despite Russian attempts to 'hush-up' the loss of much of nine tons of treasure which fell out of the back of a plane. ... It was even reported that flights to Yakutsk, the world's coldest city, are overbooked as Russians fly in for the gold rush.
03/18/2018 21:55Gold flies out of overloaded Russian plane    (ІnsіdĐľr CĐ°r NĐľws)
Gold spills on Russian runway after aircraft's door opens up during takeoff - Іnsіdеr Cаr Nеws
03/18/2018 05:55Thousands of pounds of gold and silver fall out of Russian airplane    ( Colorado Springs Gazette )
The Antonov cargo aircraft was at the Yakutsk when some of the 9 metric tons of gold-silver alloy bars it was carrying fell off, according to local prosecutors. Preliminary reports suggest that more than 172 ingots weighing 3 tons, more than 6,000 pounds, showered the ground below. The total cargo would ...
03/18/2018 05:55These Videos Of Russians Digging Up Gold That Fell From The Sky Are Insane [WATCH]    ( The Daily Caller )
A Russian plane carrying almost 10 tons of precious metals lost its cargo earlier this week in some sort of midair mechanical glitch. The AN-12 cargo plane was flying from Yakutsk to Krasnoyarsk when it lost most of its load, emptying it into the snowy Siberian abyss.
03/18/2018 05:55Gold rush in -24 C as $368 million in gold bars falls off plane in Siberia    (Atlanta Journal Constitution)
Gold flies out of overloaded Russian plane - Atlanta Journal Constitution
03/17/2018 14:00Russian plane 'showers' runway with gold and silver    ( Gulf Today )
MOSCOW: A Russian plane loaded with precious metals lost its glittering cargo on take-off Thursday, scattering the runway with gold and silver. The Antonov plane was taking off after refuelling in an airport at Yakutsk in Siberia when its cargo door flew open -- and out tumbled nearly 200 bars from the ...
03/17/2018 14:00More Than $300M in Gold Falls From Sky After Hatch Blows Open on Russian Cargo Plane    ( )
More than three tons of gold bars fell from the sky in Russia Thursday after the hatch of a cargo plane flew open, officials said. The vessel was loaded with gold, platinum and diamonds and was taking off from the east Siberian city of Yakutsk when a door malfunctioned, causing more than $368 million of ...
03/17/2018 14:00Russian elections: how Putin reaches voters at the end of the earth    ( Financial Times )
It's early March, two weeks before Russia's polling day, but the presidential election season is already in full swing in Chubulga, a reindeer-herding settlement in north-eastern Yakutia. It's an hour's flight to the nearest village, which is itself a further two hours from the nearest asphalt road and 5,000km ...


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